Citizen’s Charter

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Citizen’s Charter of LGU – LAUR, NUEVA ECIJA


RA 9485



An Agro-Industrialized municipality characterized by self-sustained and self-reliant communities where its people enjoy an equitable distribution of wealth, living in peace, justice and in harmony with the Mother Nature.


To lay the groundwork for the community and people to effectively respond to the socio-economic, political, cultural and environmental problems on a sustained basis.


The LGU – Laur employees will provide service guided by the following standards:

  1. Written action on request is a must
  2. Office hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with no noon break
  3. 9 hours assistance of the Officer-of-the-day at the lobby
  4. Installation of Customer Feedback mechanism to ensure that all issues and concerns will be acted with utmost consideration for customer satisfaction.


Giving Laur people the best service at all times, our promise . . . our commitment . . . specifically, we will:

  • serve with integrity;
  • be prompt and timely; and
  • provide adequate and correct information. Ipaalam kung paano namin lalong mapapaganda ang aming serbisyo. . . .Kung sinuman ang may reklamo, katanungan, suhestiyon o papuri sa mga serbisyong ipinagkakaloob ng Pamahalaang Bayan ng Laur, mangyaring:
    • Tumawag sa telepono ng pinuno ng tanggapang may nais na ipabatid;
    • Magsadya sa tanggapan ng Punong Bayan o Tanggapan ng HRMO
    • Maghulog ng sulat sa suggestion box na nasa harap ng gusali o kaya ipadala kay:
    Kgg. ALEXANDER A. DAUS Punong Bayan Brgy III, Laur, Nueva Ecija Kasiyahan naming kayo’y mapaglingkuran. Serbisyo publiko, serbisyong totoo. . .
Municipality of Laur Frontline Services:
1. Issuance of Mayor’s Clearance OMM 10 minutes P50.00 TEODORA E. MALANG HON. ALEXANDER A. DAUS
2. Solemnization/Civil Wedding Rites OMM 1 hour P200.00 APRILITO A. PANGINEN RUFO O. SAMANO HON. ALEXANDER A. DAUS
3. Processing of Permanent, Job Order and/or Contractual LGU Employees OMM/HRMO 1 Month for Permanent/ 1 Day for JO and Contractual Free of Charge   AUREA C. MARIANO ANGELICA A. MERCADO
4. Hiring on Special Program for the Employment for Student (SPES) OMM/PESO 1 day Free   MARY MARIANNE P. CASTRO HON. ALEXANDER A. DAUS
5. Issuance of Legalization Documents for Tricycle Operators OSB 30 minutes P520.00 MERLINDA T. MAMURI
6. Approve Resolution for Land Conversion and/or Reclassification OSB 1-2 weeks Free SANGGUNIANG BAYAN MEMBERS
7. Issuance of Zoning Certificate MPDO 1 hour P85.00 ROLAND S. CORPUZ
8. Inspection of Project Site prior to the Issuance of Locational Clearance MPDO 2-3 hours P500.00 ROLAND S. CORPUZ
9. Issuance of Locational Clearance MPDO 4 hours See HLURB’s Schedule of Fees ROLAND S. CORPUZ
10. Issuance of Certified Copy of Birth, Marriage and Death Certificate MCRO 30 minutes P50.00 TERESA R. DEL ROSARIO
11. Registration of Birth and Marriage Certificate MCRO 10 minutes Free JOSEFINA P. CACHO
12. Registration of Death Certificate MCRO 20 minutes Free MILAGROS R. ESCASINAS
13. Delayed Registration of Vital Events (Births, Marriages and Deaths) MCRO 20 minutes See schedule of Fees
14. Application for RA 9048- Correction of Clerical Errors (CCE) MCRO 10 days Posting P1,300.00
15. Application for RA 9048-Change of First Name (CFN) MCRO 10 days Posting P3,300.00   JOSEFINA P. CACHO TERESA R. DEL ROSARIO
16. Application for RA 9255 – A Law Allowing Illegitimate Child to use the Surname of Acknowledging Father MCRO 25 days P250.00  
17. Application for RA 10172 – Correction of Gender and Month & Date of Birth MCRO 10 days posting 2 weeks Publication P3,300.00 MILAGROS R. ESCASINAS  
18. Application for New Business Permit MTO 5 days Depends on the Assessment and Mode of payment   CHERRY M. BUNAG NARCISO B. MATIAS
19. Application for Renewal of Business Permit MTO 1 day Depends on the Gross Income HON. ALEXANDER A. DAUS
20. Issuance of Business License MTO 15 minutes Depends on the Assessment and Initial Capital    
21. Payment of Real Property Tax (RPT) MTO 30 minutes Depends on the Computation of Assessed RPT Due   CHERRY M. BUNAG MARILOU P. OCUMEN
22. Issuance of Community Tax Certificate (CTC or Sedula) MTO 3 minutes Depends on the Declared Income of the Applicant MARK ANTHONY D. ROXAS
23. Issuance of Tax Clearance MTO 5 minutes P50.00
24. Issuance of Tax Declaration of Real Properties MASSO Within a week (1 to 3 hours) Depends on the Computation of Assessed RPT Due     MILAGROS G. OBLIGADO
25. Issuance of Certificate of Land Holdings and Improvement/No Improvement, Undeclared and/or No Real Properties MASSO 5 Minutes P50.00 ORLANDO M. CANDELARIA FERDINAND P. CAYETANO
26. Issuance of True Copy of Tax Declaration MASSO 5 to 10 minutes P50.00
27. Issuance of Medical/Health Certificate MHO 15 minutes P100.00 JUAN C. MABUTAS III, M.D.
28. Issuance of Sanitary Permit MHO 5 minutes P50.00 RAYMUNDO A. CASTRO JUAN C. MABUTAS III, M.D.
29. Providing Medical and /or Outpatient Consultation Services MHO 54 minutes Free of Charge Nurse(s) on Duty JUAN C. MABUTAS III, M.D.
30. Providing Birth Delivery Services MHO 2-3 days 1 hour & 32 minutes Free of Charge Midwife/Nurse on Duty JUAN C. MABUTAS III, M.D.
31. Providing Laboratory Services particularly on Sputum, urinalysis and Blood Examination (Fasting Blood Sugar) MHO 2 hours & 30 minutes Free of Charge MARY GRACE S. VALENCIA, RMT. JUAN C. MABUTAS III, M.D.
32. Providing Clinical/Dental Services MHO 20-35 minutes Free of Charge Midwife/Nurse on Duty ANGELITO S. CUDIA
  33. Providing Ambulance Services MHO/MEO 10 minutes Free of Charge for Indigent Families and Fuel Consumption for Non- Indigents   Driver on Duty JUAN C. MABUTAS III, M.D.  
34. Issuance of Travel Clearance (Abroad) for Minor MSWDO 1 hour P200.00
35. Providing Financial Assistance in Crisis Situation MSWDO 1 hour & 30 minutes Free of Charge
36. Issuance of any Case Study as requirement for PCSO Assistance MSWDO 1 hour Free of Charge IMELDA A. DOMINGO
37. Providing Livelihood Program Assistance to Indigent Families MSWDO 1 month Free of Charge JAIME R. MANABAT
38. Providing Identification Card (ID) to person with Disability (PWD) MSWDO 1 week Free of Charge ROMEO O. ESCASINAS
39. Providing Technical Assistance on Crop Production and Crop Protection MAO Every Cropping Season Free of Charge All Agricultural Technologists(AT’s) EUGENIA C. MANABAT
40. Conducting Farmers Meeting and Technology Demonstration Trials on Latest Farm Technologies and Organic Agriculture   MAO Monthly as the case maybe Free of Charge
41. Providing Production Loans MAO Every Cropping Season Free of Charge NIDA C. FRANCISCO EUGENIA C. MANABAT
42. Providing Quality Seeds thru Seed Production & Laboratory Analysis MAO Every Cropping Season Free of Charge   EUGENIA C. MANABAT
43. Conducting Soil Sampling and Analysis and Issuance of Results as to Fertilizer Recommendation MAO Every Cropping Season as the case Maybe Free of Charge All ATs ALVIN C. AGBAYANI EUGENIA C. MANABAT
44. Organizing Cooperatives, Irrigators/Farmers Association and assist the same under the Farm Mechanization Programs and Projects MAO 1 hour & 30 minutes Free of Charge All ATs ROSSANA M. VASALLO EUGENIA C. MANABAT
45. Requesting Fingerlings for Distribution to Fishpond Owners MAO Twice a year (Semi Annual) Free of Charge ALVIN C. AGBAYANI EUGENIA C. MANABAT
46. Conducting Trainings and Seminar on Organic Agriculture MAO 1-2 days as the case maybe Free of Charge All ATs EUGENIA C. MANABAT
47. Issuance of Certificate as to Technical Status, Average Production and Crop Damage as the case maybe MAO 30 minutes P30.00 AT(s) concerned EUGENIA C. MANABAT
48. Providing Veterinary Services MVO 45 minutes Free of Charge DENNIES L. MANAGAN JOHN RAY D. DIONISIO NEMESIO M. DIONISIO D.V.M.
49. Providing Slaughterhouse Services MVO 1-2 hours Refer to Slaughterhouse schedule of fees DENNIES L. MANAGAN JOHN RAY D. DIONISIO NEMESIO M. DIONISIO D.V.M.
50. Distributing Animal thru LGU’s Animal Dispersal Program MVO 2 days Free of Charge NEMESIO M. DIONISIO D.V.M. HON. ALEXANDER A. DAUS
51. Application for Installation of Water Supply Service Connection LWS 1-2 hours P1,400.00 BENIGNO G. DAVID
52. Securing Building Permit (Complex Transaction) MEO 5 hours & 10 mins. Refer to Municipal Revenue Code EDWIN P. DE FIESTA
Anti- Red Tape Act Isumbong ang fixer sa:

Office of the Ombudsman (02) 927-4102

(02) 927-2404


Civil Service Commission (02) 932-0111


CSC-FO Cabanatuan (044)-463-4666



The Anti-Red Tape Act or RA 9485 is the response to the problem of poor delivery of public service as well as a corruption prevention measures. It will also result to clean bureaucracy which entails accountable and responsible leadership. It is another milestone to promote good governance and transparency by the implementation of the Laurean Charter. I congratulate the Steering Committee and Task Force in the preparation of our citizen charter. This document explains and identifies the standard procedures on how to avail a frontline service in a local government office.

I believe this charter will become a valuable tool for informing and empowering the people as well as enhance people participation. I would like to acknowledge our partner national agencies: Civil Service Commission, Department of Interior and Local Government, Philippine Anti-Graft Commission, Development Academy of the Philippines and the Ombudsman in guiding us in the preparation of our citizen’s charter.


Municipal Mayor

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