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Business Permit & Licensing


A BUILDING Permit is required prior to construction, erection, alteration, major repair, or renovation or conversion of any building/structure owned by government or private entities. The permit becomes null and void if work does not commence within 1 year from the date of such permit, or if the building or work is suspended or abandoned at any time after it has been commenced for a period of 120 days
Requirements: (Available Forms)
  1. Application Forms (Building, Sanitary/Plumbing, Electrical,) – 5 copies
  2. Lot PlanCertification of a Geodetic Engineer (GE) that the proposed building will not encroach on adjoining properties – 5 copies
  3. Site Development Plan indicating the setback/yard distances at the front, sides and back with Perspective – 5 copies
  4. Building Plans (Architectural, Structural, Sanitary/Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical) – 5 sets
  5. Bill of Materials and Cost Estimates – 4 copies
  6. Specifications – 4 copies
  7. Title of Property (Transfer Certificate of Title) – 4 copies
  8. Deed of Sale/Lease Contract/Contract to Sell, if the TCT is not in the name of the owner/applicant – 4 copies
  9. Latest Tax Declaration and Certificate of Real Property Tax Payment – 4 copies
  10. Construction Logbook – 1 piece
  11. Structural Design Computations with Seismic analysis which conform to the latest NSCP – for 2 storeys and above or 1 storey with attic / mezzanine /roof deck / penthouse – 2 copies
  12. Previous approved plan or permit in case of addition, alteration and renovation – 2 copies
  13. Certification regarding structural stability of existing foundation in case of addition – 2 copies
  14. Plate Load Test Analysis – for 3 storeys or 2 storeys with attic/ mezzanine/roof deck/penthouse – 2 copies
  15. Soil Boring Test Result – for 4 storeys and above or 3 storeys and above with attic/mezzanine/roof deck/penthouse – 2 copies
  16. Clearances from other government agencies exercising regulatory functions – 2 copies. Such regulatory agencies are:
    • Municipal Planning and Development Office – for zoning and land use of all types of building/structures
    • Bureau of Fire Protection – for all types of buildings/structures
    • Environment and Natural Resources Office / Department of Environment and Natural Resources – for all commercial and industrial buildings
    • Department of Education – for educational buildings
    • Energy Regulatory Board – for gasoline stations
To facilitate processing, please take note of the following before submitting the plans and other requirements above to the Municipal Engineer Office (MEO):
  1. Requirements of the National Building Code
  2. Requirements of the Referral Codes (Architectural Code, Philippine Electrical Code [PEC], Revised Plumbing Code, Structural Code [NSCP], Mechanical Engineering Code [PSME])
  3. Compliance with BP 344 (Accessibility Law) shall be indicated in detail on plans for commercial, institutional and public buildings
  4. All revisions/additions made in the plans shall have an acknowledgement of the designer.
  5. Special Power of Attorney shall be provided if the owner is not the signatory in all application forms, plans and documents.
  6. All application forms and letters must be properly filled-up with all the necessary information available.
  7. Forms and letters, Plans, Specifications, Bill of Materials and Cost Estimates and other pertinent documents must be signed and sealed by the designer and signed by the owner
  • Please refer to the Revised Building Code or Municipal Revenue Tax Code