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Mayor Christopher “Tupe” Daus Inter-Barangay Basketball Tournament is live now Mayor Christopher “Tupe” Daus Inter-Barangay Basketball Tournament is live now

122nd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary

The Municipality of Laur, together with our Mayor Atty. Christopher “Tupe” Daus and Sangguniang Bayan in lead of Vice Mayor Benjie Padilla, proceeds with the celebration of 122nd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary during Weekly Flag Raising Ceremony, September 2022.
The theme for this year’s Civil Service Anniversary is: Transforming Public Service : Honing Agile and Future-Ready Servant-Heroes. The theme reflects the collective experience and resilience of the government workforce in the new normal, and in pushing for digital transformation and innovations to uphold basic service excellence and continuity. Resilience is part of building smart organizations and a Future-Ready Civil Service. Resilience has been shown by the civil service during the pandemic crisis in its readiness to accept challenges and ability to give continued assistance to the public.
In addition to the information given, another purpose of it is to recognize and award with certificate of appreciation our public servants from DepEd, BFP, AFP, RHU, PNP, COMELEC for their dedication and hard working service to the locality of Laur even amidst the crisis that befell to our community.
Furthermore, with the good will of our Mayor and Barangay Health Worker (BHW) employees, retiring member Mercedes Viloria Carse receives recognition as well for her unrelenting 30 years of service to our town. The service she provided to us for a long time will always be appreciated. Our mayor will make sure that all employees of BHW in retirement age, will receive benefits befitting the service they provided to our locality of Laur.
Let us uphold our good image and reputation in order to maintain the quality service that we give, as well as the trust bestowed to us from the citizens of our town.
Thank you.